RCLP is a polymer pipe, reinforced with a steel metal frame. A rigid lattice frame welded from steel wire shapes an RCLP. This frame is surrounded by a layer of polymer material, which forms inner and outer surfaces of an RCLP. The frame increases pipe strength and is corrosion resistant as it is isolated from the external environment by the polymer.

RCLP combines the qualities of metal and polymer pipes, where rigid metal frame provides strength close to that of steel pipes, and polymer provides its unique qualities of resistance to agressive environments.



• The rigidity of our pipes is comparable to the rigidity of steel pipes but RCLP’s are more resistant to aggressive media.

• Thermic stretching coefficient is equal to that of a steel pipe.

• The RCLP’s longevity exceeds all analogues’ operating life.

• RCLP’s do not require cathodic protection.

• RCLP’s do not require anticorrosive protection.

• RCLP’s are three times lighter than steel pipes which allows to avoid the use of special equipment during the pipe laying.

• Compared to regular polymeric pipes RCLP’s allow to raise working pressure by more than four times which makes possible the use of 2-3 times smaller pipe diameter.

• RCLP’s abrasive resistance coefficient is four times higher than that of the steel pipes.

RCLP Catalogue (PDF)