Submersible centrifugal pumps are used for pumping formation fluid from oil wells, as well as in reservoir pressure maintenance systems.

  • Flowrate/production boosting
  • Wells with a high content of solids;
  • Wells with a high GOR;
  • Wells with high corrosiveness of formation fluid;
  • Wells with high temperature of formation fluid;
  • Wells after hydraulic fracturing;
  • Wells after drilling, including horizontal, with sidetracks, exploratory and crooked borehole wells;
  • Traditional wells.

Corrosion-resistant, corrosion-wear-resistant, and increased corrosion resistance pumps with stage material hardness of up to 240 HB;
Corrosion-wear-resistant design of the pump housing, corrosion-wear-resistant coating of the housing or stainless steel housing;
Floating, compression and packet design pumps;
Simplified installation of compression design pumps. The shafts in pump sections can contact each other by means of an adjustment bolt, which is fixed by the sleeve to prevent unscrewing. A special device is used for the bolt adjustment procedure during installation, while the process does not involve any measuring tools;
Optimal destribution of radial bearings through pump section; center bearings in pumps with a capacity of more than 1900 barrels/day (300 m3/day) at 60 Hz are built into the stage;
Shafts are made of high-strength stainless steel;
Involute spline connection of shafts;
Our partner produces standard and high-speed pumps with floating stages or compressionassembled pumps with a capacity of 76 to 11,725 barrels/day (12 – 1,864 m3/day) at 60 Hz with a speed control range of 2,400 – 6,000 rpm.

Floater design pumps: the impellers on the shaft inside the diffusers can move in axial directions within the permissible gap. The axial Load of the shaft is transmitted to the motor protector bearing, while the axial load of the impellers is transmitted to the diffusers.

Compression design pumps: The impellers are fixed to the shaft and move up and down with it. The axial load form the shaft and the impellers is transmitted to the motor protector bearing. Thrust bearing of the motor protector has a low coefficient of friction and is not subject to abrasion wear and the adverse effect of formation fluid.


ESP pump Catalogue (PDF)

ESP intake form (PDF)