Rehabilitation pipes – are an exceptional kind of flat thermoplastic pipe to be used as relining inside damaged rigid pipes like metal or concrete. Easy to pull through the existing damaged pipe, once is totally passed from one point to the next accessible point by appliying pressure adquires a circular shape like a regular polimer pipe being adhered to the inner diameter from the rigid metal pipe.

Different kind of materials and reinforcements can be used for the production of rehabilitation pipes. Rehabilitation pipes with external and internal protection layers of thermoplastic material have higher strength characteristics.

Rehabilitation pipes have wide sphere of application:

• Transportation of water, oil products and chemical compounds in the period of accidents and also in the places difficult for pipe installation;

• Pulp feed lines of mud lines, wastewater mud for water bottom dragging works, underwater trenching works;

• Pipelines for gas mixtures with sand, dust and chemically active substances.

Application in oil and gas industry:

• Emergency-recovery works, repair works on oil pipelines;

• As a by-pass during oil and gas pipelines repair works;

• Transportation of petrol, diesel fuel, lubrication fluids, etc.;

• Oil and gas transportation by sea shipping.