Quite often there is a need for simultaneous supply of liquid and current. In these cases, use a umbilical. Structurally, it is a combination of cable and high-pressure pipeline. The number of conductors of different cross-sections may vary according to needs.

We can develop and produce ad-hoc umbilicals for offshore oil and gas applications in accordance with Customer requirements.


Umbilicals can be used for geophysical studies of oil and gas wells.

Use umbilical technology allows operations that are currently using more costly and cumbersome coiled tubing units: flushing of bottom; acid treatment of bottom hole zone; call inflow by nitrogen purge; elimination of paraffin, hydrate or sand plugs;  feed into the well of chemicals (corrosion inhibitors, solvents, paraffin, etc.),  technology stimulation with the use of liquid compositions horaceagreeley; drilling of cement and sand plugs, etc.

Cable Catalogue (PDF)

Umbilical for oil wells Catalogue (PDF)