Electrical motors are suitable for all industrial sectors and applications, complying with national and international mandatory efficiency rules.

Electrical motors help our customers increase their productivity, save energy, improve quality and generate power:

• High quality components including superior copper, metal cable glands and SKF bearings. Thanks to their high quality, electric motors are perfectly suitable for heavy duty applications, with Long lasting performances.

• We also pay exceptional care and to the design attention of its electric motors. This increase the cooling efficiency and also the looking of the product.

• Customized packaging that provides increased protection during transport and easer handling.

Main advantages:

– Optimized electrical design
– Vacuum pressure impregnated stator winding
– Reliable and rugged heavy-duty construction
– Low vibration levels
– Low noise level
– High efficiency
– Fit for frequency converter supply
– Easy installation and maintenance
– Wide range of accessories
– Local worldwide customer support