In order to eliminate the disadvantages arising from the traditional thermal method of impact, we offer to supply equipment for continuous heating of the bottom-hole zone of wells in order to reduce the viscosity of oil, eliminate colmatation and prevent the formation of asphalt-resin-paraffin deposits in the bottom-hole zones of wells, working bodies of ESP, on the inner walls of pipes.

Equipment for heating:

• Stationary well electric heater

• Heating control station with high voltage transformer

One of the effective methods of intensification of oil inflow and increase of productivity of production wells is artificial increase of temperature in a trunk and in its bottom-hole zone.

When warming up the bottomhole zone is achieved:

• the decrease in the viscosity of oil;

• reduction of surface tension at the oil – rock-oil interface –water;

• transfer to liquid phase some solid deposits, for example, asphalt and paraffin;

• increased mobility of the fluid displaced from the reservoir.

Well heating systems Catalogue (PDF)