WELLHEAD DRIVE MOTOR main advantages:

• PCP wellhead drive motor is attached directly to the wellhead, eliminating the concrete base required by some other pumping systems.

• The space required for installation on the well is much smaller and lower than many other artificial lift systems.

• Unlike other pumping systems, PCP system has a much lower risk of accident if people or animals come near to the wellhead.

• The API flange allows direct connection without adapters when changing from other systems to the PCP system.

• The simple design minimizes maintenance and requires little lubrication.

• The bearing system of the PCP wellhead drive motor provides minimal vibration.

• It can be easily adjusted to production rates or changing rotations by mechanical process or with speed controllers (or with a simple change of acceleration if using internal combustion motors).

• Equipped with safety device to prevent the polished rod from ejecting.

• Hydrodynamic brake system for automatic and safe controlled release of energy stored at rod string (backspin).

• Safe against leakage and mechanical failures.

Progressive cavity pumps Catalogue (PDF)