Following the needs of the market, our main goal is to provide our customers with high-quality cable products, which are highly technological and are made specifically in accordance with the needs of customers.

To perform the tasks the company has three mill coarse wire drawing for copper, two mill gross drawing piece of aluminum and two mill middle drawing, 10 torsional machines of various type of twisting that allows to receive a conducting core from the first to the fifth class.

Currently, the company produces an extensive range of cables and conductors with the PVC insulation covering and the shell with a cross section of the conductor up to 400 sq. mm., inclusive, using copper and aluminum conductors.

  • Power, control, flexible, mounting cables

Availability of a wide range of cable products, timely shipment, minimum production time, individual approach to the client – the success factors of our customers.

Cables Catalogue (PDF)

Cables Catalogue (PDF)